Beehive FCU Project Report


When I first started working with Beehive FCU, we discussed three main goals they had for their website. They were:

  1. Increase the number of services used per member
  2. Create a better user experience
  3. Make the most important information easily accessible

The purpose of my project was to help them achieve these goals through improving the site’s visual appeal, revising the written copy, and creating a stronger sense of flow throughout each page.


For each section of the website that Beehive gave me to focus on, I spent a week reviewing, taking notes, making suggestions and creating new visual and written content. These were the sections I focused on:

  • Home
  • About
  • Accounts
  • Loans
  • Investments

By the end of the project, I had improvements for each one of these sections. I put these improvements together in a final presentation for the marketing director.


I did a variety of work throughout this project. Here are just a couple examples of visual and written content I created as I went through the website:

Accounts Wireframe

This wireframe was a redesign of Beehive’s webpage for their free checking account. I kept the color scheme consistent with their branding and I used a honeycomb design to help the user’s eyes flow through the page.


These were a few examples of blurbs that I rewrote for Beehive’s auto loan webpages. The idea was to talk directly to the members and keep it simple, almost conversational.

  • Original – “We focus on having a simple fee structure that puts our members’ success first. For Beehive members, this means no surprises, low costs, and more money.”
  • Revised – “ We put our members first by keeping our fee structure simple. Low costs, no surprises, and more money in your pocket.


  • Original – “Beehive makes it simple to finance your RV, because life should be about living, and summers should always be full of adventure.”
  • Revised – “We’re here for your adventure. With the easiest RV financing, Beehive lets you focus on making your family’s summer the best one yet.”


Throughout the project I hit a few roadblocks. The largest of which was trying to find a balance between keeping copy interesting, informative, and SEO-friendly.

I noticed that much of the copy on the website was bland but was serving SEO principles well by repeating the same phrases and keywords throughout the page. I struggled to find a way to make the information more interesting to read for the user without decreasing the copy’s effect on SEO. Through this, I learned to simplify and amplify the copy around the SEO keywords by using stronger verbs and cutting down on unnecessary information.

I also had a challenge finding a way to keep a consistent visual design throughout the whole website since there was so much variety between pages when I started. I learned to find small visual consistencies throughout the site and apply them on a larger scale. That’s how I came up with the honeycomb design featured above.

Overall, this experience with Beehive has enhanced my abilities to bring creative solutions to marketing problems. As Beehive implements my work and suggestions into their new site, I hope to see greater engagement between Beehive and its members.