Improving Design

As I’ve continued my project with Beehive FCU these last few weeks, I’ve been focused on their account pages. As of now, the account pages have excessive copy, redundant information, and little to no visual interest. I created content for Beehive that will help them fix this.


This is a wireframe that I designed as a basis for each of the account pages:


The idea was to condense the information they had on the page and present it in a way that was visually pleasing and promoted user engagement.


To do this I used a “honeycomb” design that guides the eyes through the page so that users will engage with more of the written content. I also made sure to keep the simple call to actions they already had at the beginning of the page so users see them right away.


In addition to designing a wireframe, I re-wrote a lot of the copy to make sure all information was clear, concise, and persuasive. I wanted to made sure each word on the page was serving a purpose.


Overall, I provided Beehive with options to maximize the visual and written effect of their account pages.